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Visit Fortress of Klis

The Klis fortress, one of the most significant strongholds in Croatia, due to its strategic importance had a significant defense position. From the 2nd century BC this area was inhabited by the Illyrian tribe of Delmati, while the first records about the fortress from the 10th century speak of the Roman fortress Kleisa being besieged by the Avars and Slavs which hastened the conquering of Salona in the first half of the 7th century at the time of arrival of the Croats. Two centuries later Klis had already become the ruler’s property and one of the centers of the Croatian state.

The view from the top of the fortress alone is worth the small price you pay to enter. Go at sunset if you are here during winter.

Very few castles and ruins in this world still allow you to wander around the grounds unencumbered by ropes or locked doors. The fortress is so free, one misstep could land you at the bottom of a cliff.

Once the center of Croatian kingdom, in Game of Thrones series it became the city of Meereen. Follow the steps of the slaves that lined the city walls during the battle between Daario Naharis and Meereen’s champion.

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